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BBC Radio 3 New
Generation Artists

We love what we do...

"What a joy it is to play music! We feel lucky every day to be in a profession in which no finishing line exists. It allows us to continually push and explore until a new horizon appears. It's our responsibility to convey the love we have for music to our audiences. When this music then touches our listeners we know we are travelling along the right path."

                                                                                  Lea,Sam & Mengjie




Smetina, Schubert and Mendelssohn

Israel Tour - Postponed

26.01 - 19:00

Humanity in War with Thomas Quasthoff

Blaibach, Konzerthaus, DE

31.01 - 19:00

Schubert, Beethoven Liszt and Mendelssohn

Società dei Concerti di Bolzano, IT

04.02 - 16:00

Encounters with Beethoven with Christian Schuster

Luxembourg Philharmonie, LU

23.02 - 18:15

Amatis à la carte

Marianischer Saal Luzern, CH

08.03 - 19:30

Schubert, Tarrodi and Mendelssohn

Musikverein Graz, AT