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 the Unexpected Gift

Little Amatis

'Amatis and the Unexpected Gift' is a unique blend of theatrical production, classical concert and magic show all wrapped up in a beautiful original story. Directed by Lionel Ménard, who is known for his creative work with Marcel Marceau and Michael Jackson amongst others, he joins forces with The Amatis Piano Trio and clarinettist Ib Hausmann to create a unique theatre experience designed to introduce children to the wonders and fantasy of classical music. The Amatis Trio and Ib Hausmann are both the actors and the musical performers in this production. After a hugely successful and sold-out run at the Luxembourg Philharmonie in 2018 they are excited to take this project to young audiences all over the world.


Little Amatis (Lea Hausmann) has had enough. Her Dad (Ib Hausmann) just travels all around the world playing concerts. She no longer wants the gifts that he brings home after each trip but desires so much more to have his attention. She decides things must change! She begins to dream of a trip with her Dad to Lapland, far away from everything, in a snowy magical place and accompanied by a moose and the mysterious aurora borealis. Helped by her big brother (Sam Shepherd) and her stuffed cat (Mengjie Han), she will do anything to have her Dad give her the only gift she really wants.

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